How do I download my loan data from the National Student Loan Data System?

In order to download your federal student loan data, or NSLDS file, you will log into the using your FSA ID and Password. This is a user id that you created within the Federal Student Aid system when you took out your loans. The first time you login, you will be asked to confirm your account information. Once  your information has been confirmed or updated, you will be directed to your Dashboard and have access to your student loan data. 

  1. Once logged on, in the bottom right hand corner of your Dashboard go to “More Resources”
  2. Click the option to “View Your Aid”
  3. On the top right corner of the “Aid Summary Page” there is a blue link, “Download My Aid Data”. Select the link.
  4. A message will appear, click “Continue.”
  5. The system will save a copy of your NSLDS file ("MyStudentData.txt") to the Downloads folder on your computer.

Be sure to log out of the NSDLS website when you are done.

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